September 20, 2021

Method of glass forgery and identification of Hetian jade

Feeder: refers to utensils or handicrafts made of pigmented glass materials. On the one hand, the craftsmanship is excellent and self-contained, which has a certain collection value. However, the restriction in Hetian jade industry refers to the use of glass materials to imitate the material of Hetian jade, to pretend to be Hetian Yuli. Once upon a time, the feeders have caused many losses to the fans of Hetian jade who just entered the jade world. Compared with other imitations of Hetian jade, the glass feeder and Hetian jade are relatively easy to distinguish. Now let's take a look at the identification techniques of glass forgery and Hetian jade and Hetian jade authenticity:

1. The density of Hetian jade is larger than that of the material: the density of glass products is small. Therefore, the same volume of Hetian jade is heavier than glass, and Hetian jade has a feeling of pressing hands, while the glassware products have a light feeling.

2, Hetian jade hardness is larger than the material, can be carved glass: the hardness of the glass frit is small. Therefore, the material is used to draw glass. Zhenhetian jade can draw scratches on the glass surface. The glass frit products cannot be scratched on the glass surface because of their hardness, or they are both damaged.

3. Hetian jade observes the internal stone pattern under the magnifying glass: the glass frit product has no natural stone pattern, but can see the bubbles or the melt flow marks, which are caused by the air entering during the melting and solidification process in the process of manufacturing the glass frit. . If you find bubbles, you can conclude that it is a glass product.

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