September 20, 2021

How to place a crystal hole

Since ancient times, people have been constantly exploring and constantly pursuing the problem of feng shui. Below we will look at the different spiritual effects of the different placement methods in the Amethyst Cave.

1. Place the amethyst hole on the balcony, which can sharpen the corner and block the suffocation;

2, placed behind the door or in the aisle, there is a role of gathering popularity, wealth;

3, placed at the gate, can play the role of town house, block the impulse, wear heart palpitations;

4. Place a small amethyst hole at the desk to calm your mind and improve work efficiency.

5. Place amethyst hole in the business place to increase the popularity of people and business;

6. In the home feng shui, the Amethyst Cave also has the role of relying on the mountain. Putting the Amethyst hole on the back of the gate can enlarge the gas field, condense the righteousness and improve the home feng shui.

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