September 20, 2021

Why is the solid color of South Red high?

The color of the red agate can be divided into many different red, including brocade, persimmon red, rose red, red and white, etc. Among them, brocade is the most expensive. However, at the same time, this kind of southern red agate is very rare. It can be said that not only many players have not seen the solid color of Honghong Nanhong, but many people in the industry have not seen it.

Not only is Jinhong less, but in fact, the complete solid color in the South Red Agate is also very rare. For example, many of the persimmon red are mixed with rose red, although the southern red agate of this flame pattern is also very good, but in terms of value, it is definitely not the height of the South Red Agate. Since ancient times, things have been rare, so the price of South Red Agate, such as Jinhong and Persimmon Red, is generally higher.

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