September 20, 2021

Breast up during pregnancy, how to choose bra?

Ms. Lu, who has been pregnant for 4 months, recently felt sour and sore thighs. During her daytime work, she felt that the bra she used to wear was particularly tight. Is it because she has an appetite to eat more, so her body begins to gain weight? Girlfriend is already a 3-year-old child's mother, full of experience she said to Miss Lu: You are the time to wear a pregnant bra! Miss Lu surprised, how is this going?

Pregnant women wear bras to wear

Early pregnancy changes in the breast, lower than the lower abdomen came earlier, Miss Lo that kind of slight pain feeling, compared to premenstrual breast pain will be more intense. This is because from the beginning of pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body produce, the number of breasts and the gradual increase in the degree of development, so that the chest is increasingly swollen. Early pregnancy, due to the rapid swollen breasts, pregnant women will feel breast sore and areola are particularly sensitive. Women who are especially pregnant for the first time feel their plumpness as never before. Maternity and baby experts said that if the body after pregnancy to avoid unhappy changes, we should choose their own bra, to protect themselves.

Look at the 5 areas to choose the right bra

So how to choose pregnant women bra fit for yourself? Pregnancy will change body by day, should be based on the size of pregnant mothers before the breast and breast growth during pregnancy. In general, after five months of pregnancy, bra size about more than before pregnancy to increase more than one size; seven months after pregnancy, an increase of about two sizes, at the same time, the increasing distance of the nipple. Before the production, the increase of the chest slowed down instead. Therefore, mothers should choose cups size can be increased, rich elastic cotton fabric, suitable for changing body size. According to the above, maternal and child experts suggest that mothers can start from 5 aspects, choose their own bra.


1, comfort - close to the breast

The most comfortable bra, when worn, should be closely attached to your entire breast. In order to adapt to the gradual expansion of the breast, you can choose to adjust the cup, but also to choose a better bra bra straps, of course, you have to reserve some space for the future development of the chest.

2, the quality of the material - soft cotton

Breathable cotton is the best material for bras, even if you love sexy lady style, should be temporarily abandoned, to avoid making the skin sensitive. Do not think the wire bust can increase the supporting force, in fact, it is like a rubber band made of rubber, tightly tied to your chest, so that breast deformation and seriously affect the blood circulation.

3, moderate shoulder strap - without prejudice to activities

Bra straps should not be an obstacle to your activities, especially since you've been pregnant and should not tolerate unnecessary restraints. The right bra strap should be close to your shoulder blades, and you can raise your arms or shrug and try to see if it will fall too easily or have any discomfort.

4, size changes - professional measurement

Most of the traditional measurement methods can not be used in the purchase of breast-feeding during pregnancy and above. Although the general purchase of brassieres when you have a professional staff to measure the size of your size, but for a special bra may not be able to choose for you, so it is best to go to some maternity products store to find a professional sales staff Consulting purchase.

5, prepare a number of bras - frequent cleaning and cleaning

Experts believe that pregnant mothers at least 2-3 bras to prepare for frequent cleaning and replacement, which is good for the health of the body and chest. Be prepared to buy twice. If you're buying bras during the first six months of pregnancy, keep in mind that you may need to take another trip during the last weeks of pregnancy. Do not buy a bra in advance of the size you are predicting, as it may not be the size you need to use. So the best thing to do is to buy it when you feel the bra size is not right now.

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