September 24, 2020

Do you understand the correct method of shaping underwear?

Many women in order to maintain a good body curve, choose to wear body lingerie , corset in China's underwear industry to do good adore Magnolia, Victoria's Secret, Sissi , Lettuce, Xisier these brands, then women know how to sculpt Is it correct to wear clothes?


Shaping the underwear bra shaping method: buckle the front buckle, the buckle will be clockwise to the back, bent to hang a good shoulder strap, transfer back and underarm fat to the cup.

【Applicable body shape】 1. Chest ptosis 2. Thoracic expansion 3. Chest fat too much 4. Stomach fat too much 5. Back fat and more 6. Hand hip coarse 7. Milk point sag 8. Areola blackening 9. Chest Perfect 10. Stomach fat and more 11. Underarm fat on both sides of the pants: reverse the beam trousers, first wear pants, and then slowly pull up the waist (pull up, left and right twist crotch) function : 1. Effective stovepipe effect, to prevent thick thighs. 2. Containing abdominal fat, to protect the abdomen cold. 3 hip effect is more obvious. 4. Protection, prevent uterine prolapse. 5 effective correction of pelvic deformation.

【Suitable body shape】 1, prominent abdomen 2, hip ptosis 3, thick thighs 4, fat on both sides of the hip 5, flat under-hip hip wear better results Waist clip: vest-style dress, front button buckle [ Body shape] 1. Back fat who 2. Waist curve unknown 3. Waist fat too much 4. Bend the song, spine who 5. Spine and waist discomfort 6. Physiological lumbar discomfort Features: 1 Waist circumference immediately reduced by 3 ─ 6 cm. 2. Balance back fat 3. Correction of three waist and cylinder waist. 4. Change the fat from vertical to parallel. 5. Support the chest, thin waist, abundance of hip 6. Prevent spine deformation. 7. To reduce the pain of physiological state body sculpting underwear in women in need of serious treatment, women need a certain understanding of corset, it is recommended that women go to Mulan, Sissi, Xisi Er and other brand stores to buy, where will be careful for the female body With code, for women to find a comfortable and decent underwear.

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