March 02, 2021

How to distinguish between glass and natural crystal

The main components of glass and crystal are lead dioxide and silicon dioxide. The two are very similar in appearance. They are crystal clear and colorful. They often dazzle the buyers. They are overwhelmed. Crystal is a kind of natural crystal, and glass is artificial crystal. Their value is very different, so how can they be better identified? Below we identify from several aspects.

How to distinguish between glass and natural crystal

1, relatively hardness

The crystal hardness is 7 degrees, only three kinds of minerals such as diamond, corundum and topaz. Crystals can be used to mark traces on glass and metal. Glass does not have this quality.

2, more feel

Crystal is a cold thing, giving people a cold feeling. Under the same shading, the crystal is cold and cold, and the glass has no such feeling.

3, contrast weight

The same size of crystal and glass, the amount of hand rubs is light and heavy, and the feeling is obviously different.

4, stability

The melting point of the crystal is 1713 degrees Celsius, and the glaze is 1000 degrees Celsius. After the crystal is calcined at a temperature exceeding 1000 degrees, it will not burst when it enters the cold water, and the glass will burst immediately after being placed in the water.

5, the value is different

Crystal is a natural ore that grows in a rocky layer with sufficient water. The cave, the groundwater provides enough cerium oxide to form slowly in atmospheric pressure and crustal movement. A small amount of internal grass or water pearls are present. The glaze is in various colors. The artificial crystals are dewaxed at high temperatures, and the prices vary widely in the same process.

Crystal stone is naturally formed and delicate in texture, but it is very fragile and not conducive to artificial carving. It is a purely natural art. Glass is a kind of art created entirely by hand. The shapes are all from the familiar theme of our life. The crafts are also very beautiful. This ancient glass is called one of the seven treasures of Buddhism.

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