March 02, 2021

Popping up a new member Hewlett-Packard Donghua Road store grand opening today

Pop plus new members! ! ! Pop style women's clothing store in Heyuan, Guangdong Province, today (April 30) grand opening it! I wish the business is booming prosperous wealth!

S & P has always been the simple style of modern simplicity, so that vintage and modern, sophisticated and fashion collision of a new visual experience. Delicate and smooth lines can be seen everywhere in the store, blending in with modern materials to create a unique and stylish palace that shows its unique style. New store to bronze, wood color as the tone, simple with a little luxury, gives the atmosphere, fashion sense, to bring customers a sense of modern, modern visual image.

普普风再贴新成员 广东省河源东华路专卖店今日盛大开业

The opening of Heyuan Donghua Road store, I believe for the local consumers to bring a new shopping experience, then approaching May Day, a series of opening big bargaining is also in full swing in preparation. I believe popular service will be in the hearts of customers left a deep impression.

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