March 02, 2021

How to maintain the jade car pendant

A friend with a car added a jade car pendant to our car. It is not only beautiful and generous, but also plays a role in reaping evil spirits. It has the blessing of the jade car pendant, and it is not good for the wind. Friends who like Tsui Cui know that not only the jade jewelry we wear on our hands should be maintained, but also the jade jewelry hanging in the car needs maintenance. How to maintain it?

Jade car pendant

Emerald car ornaments are easily broken or damaged when falling from high places or hitting hard objects.

Avoid contact with oil, oil can easily get on the surface.

Can not be in contact with acids, bases and organic solvents, these chemicals will corrode the surface of the jade car pendant.

Do not hold the jade car ornaments in your hands, sweat in your hands, and the salt and volatile fatty acids contained in the sweat of people will slowly erode the appearance of the jade car ornaments.

Car perfume is also an organic solvent. If you can't touch it, it will cause corrosion on the surface of the jade car.

Emerald car ornaments are afraid of high temperatures, high temperatures make their germplasm dry, and their color will become lighter. Don't let the jade car accessories stay in the high temperature environment for a long time, and you can enter the underground garage or the shade of the trees.

To keep the jade car pendant clean, soak it in clean water for 30 minutes, gently soak it with a soft brush after soaking, or add a neutral detergent, remove it and wipe it with a silk cloth.

Every time you clean, pay attention to whether the lanyard is worn and maintained in time to avoid the damage of the jade car pendant caused by the lanyard break.

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