March 02, 2021

[Dress fabric] What girl dress suitable for a small dress

Little girl's dress that is estimated in the closet are heap it, and now What is popular dress fabric? Happy QiuBi children's clothing to teach you how to choose a comfortable style of dress for children today Xiaobian introduce two dresses fabrics, chiffon Eugen yarn, cotton dress, which two fabrics which is more suitable for our baby? Children are the hearts and minds of parents, when all hope is holding in the palm of your hand, this chiffon organza fabric dress, watermelon red color is also very dazzling comparative color, the Korean version of the doll design, so that the whole More sweet and cute, lace sleeves also let the baby more like it. Pure cotton fabric dress, this dress is like the sea soul shirt as special fresh, as at the seaside, people feel good, blue and white stitching style, cotton fabric is also very fit the child's skin, summer so The dress must be eye-catching.

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