July 21, 2019

Xin Yi Lotus boutique women's clothing shop to buy clothes paradise

Basic necessities, clothing in the grassroots; seasons change, the trend of change, life needs, fashion promote; let the replacement out, the only market unchanged. Items from the market, watching the streets, countless modern girls, makeup, thick wipe, clothes, shoes, make the market. Therefore, women are a strong consumer groups in the trend of the market, to start a business, was elected women's clothing .

欣依莲精品女装  消费者的购衣天堂

Xin Yi-lian boutique women's clothing, all brand clothing, high-quality, ultra-low Madden price, is the consumer's clothing paradise! Yan Qilian boutique women's clothing, products covered spring, summer, autumn and winter fashion, ladies, casual women, nearly 1,000 models each quarter with the original brand almost simultaneously listed; compared with the original brand, with inexpensive, with strong competition Advantage.

欣依莲精品女装  消费者的购衣天堂

Brand advantage: brings together the six major factions in the country, different styles, new products, fashion, low prices, covering four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter clothing, we can pick up, but also for free selection of goods; accurate positioning of women aged 20-45 consumption Crowd, with its uniqueness, uniqueness, non-analogy for consumers.

欣依莲精品女装  消费者的购衣天堂

We are now the National Cheng Zhao agents, franchisees, as long as you have the right store we will provide "cheap" goods, allowing you to tap new business opportunities! Yan Yi-lian women's company focus on the development of human resources, the spirit of "people-oriented" principle, the introduction of various types of outstanding professionals. At present, according to Lin women's companies are working hard to achieve scientific management, increase product development efforts, focus on marketing, brand building, the establishment of corporate culture. I believe in the near future, Hangsha people will excavate and carry forward the traditional Chinese clothing culture, based on the combination of Jiangnan beautiful clothing spiritual culture, closely follow the international women's fashion trends, in the Xin Yi-lian women's clothing company under the premise of quality, technology The use of public price positioning, followed by changing fashion trends, so that more people to join the "Xin Yi Lin," created by the wonderful fashion.

Quick Details

Winter Hat Type:
Age Group:
100% Acrylic
Fabric Feature:
Common, Common
all kinds of colors
Place of Origin:
Shandong China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Knitted cap
any size can make
countries which in cold winter
can be add fleece linning
Used temperatures:
can use when skiing and in spring and winter
Poly bag / gift box
knitting way:

Kids Hat 100% Acrylic

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