July 21, 2019

January-October garment imports increased by 66.3%

Since the beginning of this year, the global economic growth has slowed down. Consumption in major apparel markets such as Europe, the United States and Japan has been sluggish, but China’s apparel consumer market has maintained rapid growth. Data from the China National Business Information Center shows that in the first nine months of this year, the sales of clothing of large-scale retail enterprises across the country totaled 125.5 billion yuan, an increase of 24.2%.

The increase in domestic consumption has led to a rapid growth in apparel imports. From January to October this year, 330 million pieces of clothing were imported, amounting to US$3.28 billion, up by 21% and 66.3% respectively. Imports are mainly concentrated in Italy, North Korea and South Korea and other countries and regions, accounting for about 1/2 of total imports.

Aoshen® Colorful Spandex fabric is elastane yarn which has pastel luster. Colorful spandex fabric that the color can keep long time, and will never fade.

Colorful SpandexColorful Spandex

Key technical of Exclusive color paste and painting process for spandex were developed by utilizing environmental-friendly and nontoxic paints and dispersants. Meanwhile, by improving the equipment and technical process, realized the industrial production of colorful spandex. Colorful spandex can help to simplify dyeing procedures, reduce production cost, does good to energy conservation and emission reduction, health and environmental-protection.


1. This series of product have pastel luster, pure color and colors can be customized.

2. The phenomenon of white exposed by spandex in dark fabrics can be eliminated thoroughly.

3. The color fastness reaches a high class and the color can keep long time, and never fade.

4. The rate of solvent residue is low and the pains used are environmental-friendly, nontoxic and healthful.



Widely applied to knitting, weaving and covering. 



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