January 28, 2022

November Mom's Guide to Dressing October Mommy Maternity with

The weather in November is always accompanied by rain. For mothers whose actions are not so comfortable, they should naturally not lose fashion in addition to being warm and cold, and mothers should wear winter clothing to spend the rainy season ? Take a look at October Mummy women for your support of the move it!

十月妈咪 - O.C.T.mami

The good mood that is about to be a mother immediately, sometimes projected directly on your face, and sometimes projected on the clothes you wear, a booming red jacket, so that your good mood all the way to the end, It is trendy and most appropriate to wear mums. October mummy red straight woolen jacket, light gray sweater inside, warm and stylish, but with a black pantyhose and flat under the shoes, it is very thin and comfortable, it is recommended that mothers can choose slightly loose coat style .

准妈妈十一月穿衣指南 十月妈咪孕妇装搭配

In the face of a new life, no matter how tough a woman's heart will be soft lot, and this time you are given the soft temperament and knitwear must be the most appropriate. October Mommy light round neck pull-out sweater, fabric soft and comfortable, just cover the length of pp, sweet and not fat, whether single or outside wear are suitable styles, as long as the lower body with a pair of black leather pants or pantyhose can. Then with a bright little bag, even without high heels, mothers who are the most sweet and stylish woman.

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