January 28, 2022

Knowledge of underwear which underwear knowledge inventory

With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for quality of life is also more intense, this point, from the people began to pay attention to underwear brands, as well as the lingerie underwear such as underwear common sense can be seen. However, attention does not mean that already proficient, knowledge about underwear, you have to take a serious look at these eight "underwear tips." Underwear as a personal clothing, its tightness directly affects the comfort of wearing a metaphor, you wear 80C, but there are thick cup thin cup underwear, side wide and narrow, not necessarily all of the 80C are suitable for your body Shaped, so many shopping guide will advise you to try on, try on the process if a little uncomfortable, then change one, only the upper body effect is good, and feel very comfortable, this underwear is worth it to bring it home . Washing underwear with a washing machine, not only easy to deformation, but also with other Clothes with easy to get stained with other pigments or bacteria, it is generally not recommended machine wash underwear. Before hand washing underwear, the underwear soak about 3-5 minutes before starting scrub. Rub the Fabric with each other the way, if the shoulder strap, under the Department of dirty, can be used for children's soft bristled toothbrush to brush, strength must be gentle. After washing the underwear with large towel wrapped, gently squeeze out the excess water, pull the handle underwear cup shape, and then drying. Washing powder contains highly irritating petrochemical components, such as phosphors (brighteners), surfactants, it is generally not recommended to wash the underwear with detergent, you can choose relatively less irritating soap, soap, and not included Petrochemical ingredients professional underwear detergent to wash underwear. Drying underwear do not casually hang up on the end of the thing, the way hanging upside down when drying to dry underwear, try not to exposure to sunlight in the place, so as not to cause underwear color change, but also do not hang in the bathroom with heavy moisture Inside, so moisture so that underwear moldy. In order to ensure the skin clean and healthy, underwear must be frequently changed wash. More sweat in summer, easy to attach bacteria and perspiration, it is best to change one or two days; winter metabolism is slow, less sweat, you can change for two to three days time. Many people ignore the service life of underwear, usually wear until the bad, only to consider re-buy new underwear, the concept is incorrect, underwear in the wash process there will be sweat, bacteria, etc. attached to the above, even if often Cleaning does not necessarily guarantee clean, in order to their own health, it is recommended to eliminate the old underwear every six months. The amount of physical activity to reduce sleep, slowed blood circulation, in principle, do not have something tied to the body. It is recommended not to wear underwear when sleeping, this will help the blood circulation and get enough sleep.


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