July 12, 2020

What are the characteristics of Qinghai nephrite?

Many people confuse Qinghai nephrite with Hetian jade. In fact, the characteristics of the two are basically the same in terms of material composition and structure, but there are great differences in output characteristics and structure. In particular, Qinghai Baiyu has quickly become a leader in the jade market due to its huge output and excellent quality.

Qinghai nephrite has unique characteristics due to its origin, and is summarized into the following four aspects.

(1) Transparency is better;

(2) The characteristics of gray-white, wax-white, yellow-gray white jade are the varieties of jade and jade;

(3) Containing features of stone flowers, flocculent cotton aphids, water lines, scorpions, spots, etc.;

(4) The raw materials are mainly mountain materials, and there is no seed material, and there will be raw material forms and skin colors related to the geographical environment of the production area.

Qinghai nephrite has been in a state of market downturn before, but the price of Qinghai nephrite has been popular in recent years. According to the statistics of the last four years, Qinghai nephrite has increased by 300% to 500%, so it has a high investment. And the value of the collection.

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