July 12, 2020

Upstream and downstream of Shenzhen service fair seamless docking

Upstream and downstream of Shenzhen service fair seamless docking From July 11th to July 13th, 2013, the 2013 China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair, 2013 Shenzhen International Textile Fabrics & Accessories Fair, and 2013 Shenzhen Garment Equipment Exhibition Three Exhibitions opened at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center in the same period. From garment equipment to surface accessories, clothing and apparel exhibitions, the effect of the three exhibitions and linkages has become increasingly significant. The garment equipment increasingly highlights the advantages of domestic garment equipment technology, low cost, and worry-free after-sales service. It is supported by domestic apparel brands. At the same time, the pace of its entry into the international community has accelerated, and its advantages have become apparent. In 2012, the total output value of the garment industry in Shenzhen exceeded 160 billion, and the export volume reached nearly 10 billion US dollars. This huge market provides businesses with unlimited business opportunities. Due to the focus of the company, the registration of the Shenzhen Surface Accessories Fair has been very enthusiastic. The scale of the Expo has expanded year by year, but there are still many companies that need to wait in line. Shenzhen Clothing & Accessories Fair was successfully held on the basis of 12 sessions. It witnessed the rapid development of Shenzhen clothing, and it was also a witness to many wealth stories of Shenzhen famous brands. This exhibition, Shenzhen clothing mainstream brands and brands in more than 50 countries Department stores, SHOPPINGMALL, foreign buyers flocked, and an event was about to start.

Service Fair: Witnessing Brand Wealth Story Perfecting Business Dialogue and Dialogue Shenzhen Friendship Fair This year, the situation of enthusiasm continued to boom. The fair's static exhibition area reached more than 70,000 square meters, with more than 3,000 booths. Nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign brand companies exhibited, including domestic well-known women's brands Masi Feier, Yinger, Aupellanu, BBLLUUEE, Narls, Love, MYMOMENT, Monsoon, odbo, MIKIBANA, Finity, Karwen, Liqi, Taiqi, Runwei, Beloan, Yidian, Casden; Well-known men's wear brand Karl Danton, Vansino, Long Hao, McCass, etc. will all appear. For the first time, this year's trade fair set up a special “Tide brand and designer exhibition area”, China Chaorui apparel mainstream brands CRZ, DEPOT3, etc., a new designer brand such as Yisha, Martell, Yuan Shanger and Taiwan Textile Industry Development Association. The "Taiwan Tide Brand" concept display will make its debut at the Shenzhen Service Fair.

For the first time, this trade fair invites business, department stores, and Mall exhibitors. In response to the docking needs of department store formats and brands, the company launched a one-on-one VIP service to create a pioneering model for professional exhibition segmentation services. , Wanda Department Store, Wangfujing Department Store, Dashang Group, McKay, Hisense Plaza, Dalian Friendship Shopping Mall, Golden Eagle Business Group, Yintai Business Group, Hong Kong New World Department Store and other major department stores gathered at the exhibition to select brands.

The “International Pavilion” includes AMERICAN RETRO with 500 boutiques in Europe, exclusive stores in Darling, VICOMTE.A, Fever in more than 50 countries, Rachel Riley in UK Fashion Retail of the Year, and high-end French women's clothing. Gaowei+Xinzhan, FeverAkhesa-Pistache, etc. In addition, South Korea's "South Korea Fashion Exhibition", more than 20 South Korean fashion brands will also be a debut, a display of international cutting-edge fashion trends and top designers of genius ideas. In addition, the "Great Wave Fashion and Creative Pavilion" that showcases the new appearance of the Shenzhen Clothing Industry Cluster Base and the "Guangdong Fashion Glasses Base" that creates horizontal links in the industry chain will all convey fashion attitudes in different forms.

Surface Accessories Fair: Coinciding with time and place and responding to innovation challenges The 2013 Shenzhen Intertextile Pavilion was co-sponsored by China Textile Promotion Branch, Frankfurt Exhibition (Hong Kong) Limited and Shenzhen Garment Industry Association.

After years of steady development, this year's Shenzhen Surface Accessories Fair will be expanded to three pavilions and will be held in halls Nos. 6, 7 and 8 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The total exhibition area will reach 22,500 square meters, which is more than the previous scale. 30%. As of now, there are about 600 exhibitors, an increase of about 46% over the previous year. Among them, there are about 500 domestic exhibitors and over 90 overseas exhibitors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and India, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan and the United Kingdom.

Exhibits at this year's Expo will be even more abundant. Exhibitors will focus on displaying various kinds of products such as chemical fiber, knitting, silk, cotton, wool, hemp, function, lace embroidered fabrics and accessories. Lace embroidery, linen and functional fabrics are concentrated in Hall 6; chemical fiber and knitted fabrics are in Hall 7. In addition, 53 women's chemical fiber spinning fabrics of Shengze Group in Wujiang, Jiangsu Province will also be displayed in Hall 7; The museum will showcase cotton, wool and accessories products. In the overseas exhibition area, the Korean pavilion and the Indian pavilion will make their debut. The two pavilions will showcase the best products produced in South Korea and India in Hall 6. The South Korean pavilion will have about 40 suppliers exhibiting with quality products; about 10 exhibitors from the Indian pavilion will focus on promoting high-quality cotton yarns, woven grey fabrics and knitted fabrics for shirts, dresses, gloves, socks, etc. .

Based on Shenzhen, one of China's largest brand apparel design, processing and production bases, a large number of apparel companies, fashion brands and designers gather here. In addition, Shenzhen is also adjacent to some high-end garment manufacturing cities, including Zhongshan, Shaxi, which is a professional manufacturer of casual wear, and Huizhou, which is famous for its men's wear.

Garment Equipment Exhibition: Solidifying the local market and seizing international business opportunities This year, Shenzhen Sewtex Association and the Shenzhen Garment Association will join hands to hold the 2013 Shenzhen Garment Equipment Exhibition. The brands of Shenzhen sewing equipment participating in the exhibition include: Zhai, Zucker, and Starlight. , Jinding, Zhonghuan, Jingong, Yuantong, Qianmei, Standard Brothers, Jiema, Xinghuifa, Dongling, 909, Wang Xingling, etc., brought their latest scientific research results to a new look.

The Pearl River Delta-based textile and clothing industry, which focuses on manufacturing, occupies a pivotal position in the country. The annual output of Guangdong's textile and apparel products reaches 4.8 billion, accounting for 60% of the country's total, and the annual export delivery value reaches more than US$29 billion. Large industrial province. At present, the overall production technology level, production scale, product quality, and innovation ability are all in the leading position in the country. Shenzhen is adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and it has an advantage in terms of product popularization, latest materials acquisition, etc. However, the demand for products such as sewing equipment, garment machinery, printing equipment, etc raised dramatically. In recent years, the reason why garment companies have gradually given up foreign famous brand equipment is that Shenzhen sewing equipment has been at the forefront of the industry in terms of technology and quality, which not only meets the requirements of quality for apparel companies, but also embodies the advantages of cost-effectiveness.

After years of efforts, Shenzhen sewing equipment companies have accumulated certain brands, and the market has expanded outwards and developed steadily. The “Shenzhen brand” has been recognized in the international market. The low tide of the market last year was a huge impact on the sewing equipment industry in China, but it gave Shenzhen sewing equipment companies an excellent opportunity to sew in mechanical and electrical sewing machines. The important period of equipment upgrade gave Shenzhen sewing equipment companies the time to consolidate their technology, allowing a new generation of sewing equipment to mature into the market.

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