December 03, 2021

New store opened | Wuhan Hongyan Shenyang Eurasian store gorgeous bloom

HONRN, the leading brand of high-end mature women 's wear in China, is a gorgeous bloom in the Eurasian shopping mall in Shenyang on August 30, 2015. A new round of fashion is about to swept the city. The classic, fashionable and feminine clothing is presented to customers Bring distinguished shopping experience. Follow Me, Ready Go ......


HONRN, Sensitive to capture the international pop elements, the pursuit of individual design style, simple and powerful lines, a wide range of color matching, interpretation of the modern urban complex white-collar beauty, reflecting the perfect combination of dignity, fashion, elegant, interpretation of a mature, confident urban women Extraordinary charm.

新店开业 | 武汉红人沈阳欧亚店 华美绽放

Shenyang Eurasia store gorgeous bloom

Opening huge benefits: the audience of the new 20% off, shopping that send a beautiful gift;

Event Time: August 30, 2015 - September 6, 2015

Activities Address: Heping District, Shenyang City, China Road 63, Eurasian Union Shopping Center, 3rd Floor, Red counters

Warm congratulations to the new store, opened the store, business is booming, Japan Jin bucket, big sale! ! !

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