December 03, 2021

Congratulations to Ouchacha & Qiabeibei spring and summer 2016 new conference success

Last night, Ou Qiaqia & Chaibei 2016 spring and summer new conference show a successful conclusion, just the family's secret garden opened the mystery, full house applause! Someone asked, what is the best catwalk? Our answer is resonance - resonating with nearly 2,000 partners in the audience. Remove exaggerated, make their own brand exclusive temperament. A: The girl then rich, not as good as the dress conference is over, Hubei Liu always give Mei thumbs up - "girl very good." This is the customer's highest compliment. We visited a large number of end-partners and parents and asked about the most beautiful girls in their hearts. This girl series has made great breakthroughs according to the market demand, and the series of features are becoming more and more mature. Confident, generous, stylish, cool, many people would like to give birth to a girl because of this product. Second: Chinese fashion, live up to expectations Despite the early "benevolence" series has been paved the way for many times, when the official announcement, or caused a stunning scene of the audience. Chinese fashion live up to expectations, the market also needs some amazing voice. Many people are accustomed to looking up, but I do not know at the foot of the flower is thick. "Ren" series with a strong Chinese spirit, printed behind the "flag victory" banner will be bright at any place. Spring and summer 2016, the best shop activity should be for children to hold a story about "benevolence" competition, the impact may be the child's life. Who can say that this is just a business only. Three: It is precisely the public interest to act again, the country is precisely the partnership agreement "You are not rehabilitated, I am not old." It is precisely public micro film second start ceremony such as about the beginning. Autistic children, children called stars, the greatest wish of his mother all his life is the child cried, "Mom." There are many worlds in this world that we have never touched. So reality exists. We are concerned because there is love in the hearts of our country's partners. We are together on the road to public welfare. Four: the courage to upgrade products Apple series phones from the first generation to the upcoming seventh generation, time and time again, are their own revolution. Ochaqia & Chaibeibei children's clothing each new release is their own breakthrough. We have done juvenile red 2.0, this time we also sunscreen and air-conditioned shirt was promoted, more consider the practicality of children - designers went far to consult the traditional Chinese medicine body acupuncture points, and then in the clothing research and development, the children in the key Fengchi and Quchi hole made an article. Mom designer knows Mom's mind. Five: Spring and summer 2016, to change a living law Last night, the new image terminal stores on the stage to complete the award ceremony. In just two months, hundreds of home terminal stores have been upgraded. It is just ten years, the new period has come, the market needs us to make some changes to deal with, ranging from the brand, as small as a store, only to hold tight to meet such challenges. Behind the new image is more targeted product model, display mode, service mode, marketing mode. Aware of the next outlet to not change, it is likely to be thrown far away, the market does not wait for people, we change a living law! Following this wonderful tidbits Ou Chai & just Beibei designer brand children's clothing, original, individuality, freedom and confidence.

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