July 28, 2021

The quality of contemporary jade carvings is uneven.

When buying jewelry, the space for consumers to make their own decisions is very small. Usually, they can only choose the finished products that the designer has already done in the jewelry store. Nowadays, Nanjing consumers can choose one more option, they can buy the original color of the treasure, and inform the designer of their own preferences, and work together to create a “custom jewelry” that is truly unique.

According to the relevant person in charge of Nanjing Yufuer Jewelry Co., Ltd., in recent years, consumers' demand for “personalization” of jewelry has gradually increased, and “jewelry ordering” has become a consumer trend.

Jewelry has its own characteristics. First of all, the choice of pure natural gemstones makes custom jewelry have a collectible and appreciation space. Secondly, custom jewellery is the result of the joint creativity of outstanding designers and consumers. It conforms to the preferences and needs of consumers, and also contains the design ideas of designers, and the personality is very strong. Finally, custom jewelry condenses emotions, and this part of the value is of special significance to the wearer.

“Our store offers the original stone of tourmaline, crystal stone, tanzanite, etc. to the consumers. After seeing the original stone, consumers can communicate with the designer and customize their own jewelry. Many people think that the custom jewelry is very high-end. , very expensive, in fact, the price is linked to the material, the ordinary color of the original stone, the price is not high. Although the custom jewelry contains mold and design fees, but compared with the market with various intermediate links The quality of the color jewelry, the price is still about 20% cheaper."

It is reported that the Nanjing Fufu Nuo Jewelry Experience Sales Center (No. 38 Hongwu Road), which is owned by Yufuer, has been grandly opened on December 7. In addition to the original stone consumption, the experience sales center also has VIP services such as finished diamond sales, cafes, and free cleaning. During the opening period from December 7th to December 31st, the company has prepared 28 pieces of jewelry for free to the public. The public only needs to collect "ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline and lucky gems" at the designated place announced in the store or official website. A full set of 5 pieces of 黛 诺 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石 宝石

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