July 28, 2021

How to open the jade Guanyin pendant

What are the methods of opening the jade Guanyin pendant? How does the jade Guanyin pendant open? This is the doubt of the Guanyin wearer.

There are many ways to open the jade Guanyin pendant, which is divided into two categories: opening and blessing.

(1), opening the light

1. Temples and Taoist Temples - Go to the temple and ask the monks to lead the monks or the heads of the Pluto to lead the Taoist priests to recite the Buddhist scriptures for the Jade Goddess of Mercy. This is the most grand form of the Jade Goddess of Light.

2, home - A, invites the monks to their homes to carry out a simple opening ceremony for the Jade Goddess of Mercy; B, the wearer at home to open the jade Guanyin, for incense, lighting, worship, chanting, etc. step.

(2), blessing

1. Temples and Taoist Temples - Before you start wearing Jade Goddess of Mercy, please have a sorghum for the Jade Goddess of Mercy to recite it once, and then send it to the Buddhist monk once every first and fifteenth, and repeat it.

2, at home - at home, every day before wearing their own jade Guanyin, recite the "Great Compassion, Rescuing and Rescuing Guanyin Bodhisattva" once and forever.

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