October 31, 2020

China National Garment Association visited Tim Cheung clothing (pencil club children's clothing)

On November 7, Wang Zhu, a full-time vice president of China National Garment Association, and An Yiheng, deputy secretary general of Children's Wear Committee, visited Dongguan Tianxiang Garment Co., Ltd. In the company's managing director Pei Li and marketing director Jiang Bin, etc. Accompanied by people visited and inspected Tim Cheung Clothing Co., Ltd. Pei always expressed his sincere gratitude to Wang Zhuo, the full-time vice president and An Yiheng, deputy secretary-general of the children's wear special committee, as well as the long-term trust and trust of the China National Garment Association for Tim Cheung costumes and led them to visit the three children's wear Brand flagship store, exhibition hall, production supply chain, production workshop. Visit Pencil Club flagship store, Vice President Wang Pei closely exchange visits Pencil mini flagship store visit Andy Party flagship store

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