September 20, 2021

"Girl next door" to teach you to do this season autumn and winter sweet girl

Next door girl 's predecessor, "Jinshi" clothing store was founded in 1995, adjacent to the girl clothing chain was founded in 2003. After several years of rapid development, the company established for the development of chain operations, in order to fashion "little ladies " and "ladies" for the primary products business line, and by strengthening brand building and promotion, independent product design and development, Marketing network construction and management, data information and logistics, supply chain management, organization of the design, production and sales of two brand products of "Neighbor Girl" and "Curry Woman".


More than 10 years to accumulate profound knowledge, the girl next door and the Chinese retail chain women's fashion industry peerless, "top ten good name," "Most Affinity Award", the first Hercynian "Top Ten fashion brand name" and "2012 most concerned about spring and summer wear Brand "and other honorary titles, and constantly for the neighboring girl brand reputation list icing on the cake. Into the fourth five-year strategic development plan, the company will continue with excellent results for the "next door girl" brand to win more and more high honor.


Facing the future, next door girls will seize the opportunity and give full play to their neighbors' spirit of "ambitious, united and hard working, innovative and enterprising, pragmatic and pragmatic" and adhere to the core of "Customer First, Teamwork, Innovation and Enterprising, Sharing and Win-Win" Values, and strive to modernize the management of enterprises, wholeheartedly committed to its brand "next door girl" and "curry woman" into a leading Chinese fashion brand clothing chain!

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