July 21, 2019

Green Code color cotton children's wear green real personal care (Figure)

Green Code color cotton children's clothing brand stores, the best interests of sales. Green Code color cotton brand children's clothing was selected "Beijing Industrial Products" album, natural colored cotton textile processing without dyeing, bleaching, to avoid the banned dyes, harmful additives on the human body and damage to the environment; natural colored cotton The whole process of textile processing uses eco-auxiliaries and non-polluting processes and equipment to produce the "no-process pollution" of spinning, weaving, processing and garments. The entire production process neither pollutes the environment nor is it polluted by the environment. The company's products have passed the most stringent first-class (infant) certification of Oeko-Tex 100 eco-textiles, the Swiss textile testing agency, for three consecutive years. The company also obtained organic certification from the International Organic Crops Improvement Association (OCIA), the National Organic Organic Standard (NOP) Certification.