July 28, 2021

Is the spatholobus bracelet afraid of water?

Some netizens bought the spatholobus bracelet but didn't understand it. Is the spatholobus bracelet afraid of water?

The spatholobus bracelet is taboo to contact with water. The maintenance points are as follows:

Usually do not wear can be used to wipe the vegetable oil or directly soaked in the oil, so that the gloss will be very good, the bracelet will also be brighter. Do not soak in water. When it is in contact with water, it must be dried immediately. If the weather is particularly dry, clean the rattan bracelet and apply a proper amount of walnut oil or olive oil to the bracelet to prevent dryness and wilting. In general, the maintenance of the medicine, the rattan bracelet will be more and more bright, because it is commonly known as spatholobus, it will show the bright red-brown red color of the chicken, very beautiful and delicate.

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