August 15, 2020

What are the characteristics of Hongshan culture jade?

The history of jade development in China has several extremely prosperous periods, and in the period of prosperity of these jade articles, it is necessary to mention the Hongshan culture jade.

The material of Hongshan culture jade is similar to that of Xiuyan jade, but its hardness is much higher than that of Xiuyan jade, and its transparency is also relatively low. Common jade materials are greenish yellow and blue-green. The biggest feature is similar to Xinjiang Hetian jade, the works are mostly flaky or round sculpture. The flaky jade will be thinner, while the rounded sculpture is columnar. It is made by grinding, drilling, wire cutting and other processing techniques. The hole walls of the borehole are smooth in color and vary inside the bore.

The red mountain culture jade usually has a ochre part. The more common one is the white otter, which is similar to the mist. There is a very shallow layer on the surface; the yellow-brown scorpion is tripled from the new Hutougou. The earthy color on the scorpion is representative; the black mercury scorpion is mostly found in white works.

In the unearthed Hongshan culture jade, the common Yin line pattern is more common. The style has a wide and shallow thick Yin line, which mainly appears on the surface of the cloud jade or the face of the animal head. The thicker the Yin line, some are curved, there are It is a grid pattern; fine and negative lines, which are used to depict the eyes, teeth and other parts of the animal head.

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