July 28, 2021

Celebrate Jamilanteng / JimiNeid brand shining settled in Cenxi, Guangxi join the cooperation

In autumn October, the fashion version of Jamilanteng constantly expands and warmly welcomes Ms. Zhu Xi of Guangxi Cenxi to seize the business opportunities in the children's wear market and spotlight the development planning space for Jamilante Emperor. She officially signed a contract to join the family of Jamilan Dili and hand in hand to win the favor of local children Welfare ... Guangxi Cenxi is located in southeastern Guangxi, east of Luoding, Guangdong Province, south of Guangdong Xinyi City, west of Yulin City, north of Wuzhou City. The junction of the Pearl River Delta Economic Circle and the Greater Southwest is not only an important hinterland for linking up the economic radiation in South China, the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Maucao, but also the connecting point between the resource-based economy in the southwest and the export-oriented economy in the coastal areas. Jamie Milanti children's strong presence, but also for the city into the new elements, add new fashion, care of the children healthy and happy growth. Jie Milan Landi children's wear has been implementing mutual cooperation, closely linked to form a mutually beneficial and win-win, mutual trust and partnership. Hand in hand win-win situation, Jie Milan Lan Dili children's clothing will open up a broader market, so that Jie Milan Lan Dili fashionable clothing all over China! Believe in Tomorrow, in the future, Demi-Milan will be the majority of children's clothing parents preferred clothing brand! Let us look forward to November Cenxi City, Guangxi Province store opened, the professional fashion children's clothing to bring you an extraordinary experience!

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